Contributing to the scenery and people of the territory.

An event such as ours cannot go unnoticed as it passes through the area where it takes place. We understand Social and Environmental Corporate Responsibility to be an obligation for all of our generation’s companies. We are obliged and excited to bring about a change for the better for the territory.

Eurafrica Trail is a race that is responsible with the environment and the society in which it is held. Since our project began, we have understood that it is necessary for the race to grow sustainably and naturally, so that is not a danger for the conservation of the wonderful area where it takes place (Biosphere Reserve). Moreover, we have always understood that Eurafrica can act as a vehicle to unite societies that host an event such as this (on the two shores).


In this vein, we have taken action in social and environmental matters that brings us closer to the ideal of a responsible race that we seek. Some examples of this are:



Thanks to the Andalusian Mountain Sports Federation (Federación Andaluza de Montañismo), , and particularly the technical collaboration from its Accesses and Environment section, we were the first Spanish race to apply the recently approved Good Practices Guide to hold cross-country races in protected natural areas by the Spanish Federation of Mountain Sports and Climbing (FEDME) with the support of EUROPARC España (Federation of Nature and National Parks of Europe).



Prominent among the various problems we find in Eurafrica Territory , is without a doubt unfortunately the clearing of walking paths and riverways. This is a problem found in nearly all the natural environs of the Strait, but it is particularly threatening in areas near to large population centres such as Algeciras, Campo de Gibraltar and the forests of Tetouan and Chefchaouen in Morocco.


So, with the collaboration of Los Alcornocales Natural Park, and the invaluable help of our colleagues from C.D. Eurafrica – Elite Runner and the great Eurafrica Volunteer Team (Equipo Eurafrica de Voluntarios), in both 2015 and 2016 we had campaigns to clear the riverways of the Garganta del Capitan gorge and the Miel River . In both cases, deplorable conditions of litter were found due to the great number of irresponsible users of these spaces. As a result of the activities, we managed to clean up the rubbish and raise awareness amongst those present and our community of followers about the responsibility that we all have as sportspeople and users of natural areas in conserving them and informing about them.



In the winter of 2017 we carried out one of the environmental responsibility projects that have given us the most motivation and excitement. The idea of Eurafrica Forest is intended to make up for the environmental footprint left by our race in Eurafrica Territory as much as possible. We shall therefore calculate the total CO2 emissions caused by the transport and activities carried out by the Eurafrica 2016 organisers and compensate for them by planting a forest in an area of the Alcornocales Natural Park near to Algeciras that was devastated by a fire two summers ago.


With this project we hope to raise awareness in society about the risks for our natural surroundings and disseminate good practices when enjoying Eurafrica Territory.


  • Coherence

    Thinking, saying and doing the same—this is a principle that gives us the peace of mind and assuredness to give our best and solve problems

  • Zero Printing

    As of the first edition, we have reduced printing on paper to a minimum. We don’t have a poster, cards or folders.

  • Responsibility and Safety

    Eurafrica is held under the proviso that under no circumstances shall our assets—the participants, volunteers and the environment—be put in danger.

  • Aid for runners and volunteers

    We have taken part in sports events from both perspectives (runners and volunteers). We attempt to assist both these groups and provide them with a service that we would like to be given ourselves.

  • Conservation

    What we don’t know, cannot be loved; and what is not loved cannot be protected. One pillar of the Eurafrica Trail is to disseminate our natural heritage: the Intercontinental Biosphere Reserve of the Mediterranean..

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